scaoil amach é

Siobhán de Paor

Is file mé

Poet and Performance Artist

Is file mé.

I am a bard, in the traditional sense of the word, with a political, social and shamanic function in the tribe.

I began my artistic career with one-woman shows, written and self-produced. My work is biographical, with elements of improvisation. I aspire to art that is an aesthetic emanation of reality.

The tranformative power of laughter: while the themes are invariable grave; the delivery is not.

My role as a celebrant and ritual maker weaves with the art and I have choreographed community participation spectacles. I work towards the purpose of re-idgenation, reponding to natural sites, contemporarising our mythologies and reclaiming pre Catholic/colonial traditions using our native lanugage as at tool.

if you would like me to perform at your venue, home or event, do send me a message at


Máthar ag an Doras

The time it takes to get out the door...

Motherhood is reference point of my recent work and is the lens through which I both critique and transmute our modern tragedy.